Loan Applications & Other Loan Forms

Loan Application

Fill out loan application and fax back. (One for each borrower)

Real Estate

Fill out real estate schedule and fax back. (One for each borrower)

Credit Authorization

Fill out and sign authorization and fax back. (One for each borrower)

IRS 4506T

Fill out and sign 4506 and fax back. (One for each borrower)

Apartment Rent Roll Form

Fill out rent roll form(s) and fax back.  Print additional forms for more than 25 units.

Capital Improvements

Provide information on any capital improvements for the past 2 years and fax it back.  This will reduce your operating expense costs and increase your pro forma profit or NOI.

Fill out and sign.

Commercial Rent Roll

For mixed-use and commecial properties. (Fill out and Fax back)

Please fax or e-mail the above forms to:

Montgomery Wilshire Capital

East Coast Fax:   (617) 595-4422 or Email to: mrans@montgomerywilshire.com

West Coast Fax:  (888) 540-8436 or Email to: mstoneman@montgomerywilshire.com